Ramayana T-shirt Hemming Campaign

When ordering UES's standard plain T-shirt "Ramayana",
we will hem it to the desired length.

For T-shirts that you are even more attached to.

Many people have said, "I want to relax the width, but then the length is a little longer." In order to meet such demands, we have started a service to hem the length of the T-shirt to the desired length at the same price when ordering the Ramayana T-shirt.

How to order hemming

How to order hemming

If you would like to hem up, please let us know your desired length when ordering the Ramayana T-shirt. Please enter "Length กป cm" from the neck point to the hem.

How to measure the length

As shown in the figure, measure the length straight from the back side of the T-shirt, from the center (neck point) under the rib of the collar to the hem. Please note that the collar is not included. Please measure your T-shirt in the same way to check the optimum length.

About hemming

Hemming finish

It will be finished with the same two needles as at the time of sale. The left side of the photo is the front side, and the right side of the photo is the back side.

Points to note when hemming

Hemmed T-shirts cannot be resized or returned. Please check the size chart and length carefully.--T-shirt hemming service


Ramayana T-shirt made from SUVIN GOLD, one of the world's six longest cottons.

SUVIN is a cotton that is a cross-bleed of VINCENT (Sea Island Cotton) and SUJATA (SUJATA), which has been around for a long time in India. It was named SUVIN by taking a first syllable from each. As it is a hybrid with Sea Island Cotton, its quality is one of the best in the world. Among the SUVIN, the ones with the highest quality picked first and second are distinguished as SUVIN GOLD, Ramayana is a fabric using this SUVIN GOLD. The fabric, which is characterized by very fine and long cotton fibers, has a silky feel.

    8,140 JPY

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    8,140 JPY

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